Accounting books

  • Opening the accounting registers on the date of commencement of business activity and establishing the company chart of accounts
  • Ongoing recording of business operations
  • Preparation of settlements of income tax, VAT and other taxes
  • Maintaining a register of tangible fixed assets and intangible and legal assets
  • Preparation of periodic statistical reports required by the Central Statistical Office and the National Bank of Poland
  • Preparation of annual financial statements for balance sheet and tax purposes
  • Preparation of reports for the Management Board, Supervisory Board, owners, associated entities (including foreign entities)
  • Accounting consultations regarding proper documentation of business operations
  • Preparation of a company’s chart of accounts adjusted to the entity’s needs
  • Correction of defective accounts
  • Participation and provision of explanations before regulatory bodies 

Our work is focused on the detailed analysis of documents and in the event of discrepancies or changes to tax laws we notify a person appointed by the client.