6 reasons to take advantage of outsourcing

  • Cost reductions and better control over direct costs
  • Focus on primary activity
  • Access to the best and latest solutions
  • Allocation of recovered resources to other purposes
  • Lack of resources inside the company
  • Sharing the risk with the service provider

Comparison of models based on provision of accounting services by outsourcers and in-house employees



  • low contract management costs
  • high employment costs (additional costs)
  • high competence, high objectivism in method selection
  • using methods which are the most convenient to the employee
  • no costs for improving qualifications
  • the necessity to bear the costs of ongoing knowledge acquisition (training)
  • guaranteed continuity of work


  • holiday breaks, doctor’s leaves, employee turnover
  • experience is the sum of team’s experience
  • personal practice
  • experience in services connected with tax and fiscal audits
  • contacts with audits once every several years or more rarely
  • guarantee of data processing security
  • possibility of loss of an employee with important information