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HR & payroll

Our services cover handling of the client’s current processes as of an agreement date; if needed, they can include dealing with any potential arrears or discrepancies in the presented scope of assignments. The range of services is defined below:

HR administration​:

  • keeping employee files
  • advisory in labour law and employee-related issues
  • defining the scope of employee obligations
  • timesheets – keeping employee files registering holidays and other absences
  • register of compulsory medical examinations and monitoring if they are up-to-date
  • calculating and monitoring employees’ length of service
  • preparing additional employee-related reports, instructions or procedures (when needed and as suggested by a company’s management/manager)
  • defining employees’ financial liability for their employer’s property

Payroll administration: ​

  • payroll preparation
  • PIT returns preparation and distribution
  • preparation of the current settlements, returns and notifications to the Social Insurance Institution
  • settlements with the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund as regards financing remuneration of employees with disabilities
  • preparation of employee remuneration files
  • preparation of employment-related statistical reports.

The range of services may be extended with additional services, significant for the client’s enterprise, such as:

  • drafting labour rules
  • drafting remuneration rules
  • preparing working time schedules in compliance with the current laws
  • advisory as regards keeping and using the Social Benefits Fund and Company Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund
  • preparing remuneration-related reports and analyses

HR & payroll calculator – calculate the cost of a service/negotiable prices

SFG Holding s.r.o.

"Based on our long-year pending cooperation – professional, reliable and willing partner".

Aesseal Polska Sp. z o.o.

“AESSEAL Polska has been a client of Gwarant since the start of its operations launched in Poland in 2005. Gwarant provides us with efficient and dependable bookkeeping services and supports us in keeping track of changes in any pertinent regulations. The accounting office to use!”

SPETECH Sp. z o.o.

“We are pleased to recommend the services provided by Gwarant which has been reliably keeping our accounts for over 18 years, always in conformity with applicable provisions of law, which is evidenced by audits conducted at our company on an annual basis and by tax inspections.”

BELSE  Sp. z o.o.

“We highly appreciate Gwarant’s long-term, professional and dependable bookkeeping services rendered for our company. The staff is well-mannered, professional and reliable.”

Flex Work Sp. z o.o.

“Based on our experiences with Gwarant, we can vouch that it is a trustworthy partner. We recommend the services provided by this accounting office”.