HR & Payroll

Our services cover handling of the client’s current processes as of an agreement date; if needed, they can include dealing with any potential arrears or discrepancies in the presented scope of assignments.

HR administration

  • keeping employee files
  • advisory in labour law and employee-related issues
  • defining the scope of employee obligations
  • timesheets – keeping employee files registering holidays and other absences register of compulsory medical examinations and monitoring if they are up-to- date
  • calculating and monitoring employees’ length of service
  • preparing additional employee-related reports, instructions or procedures (when needed and as suggested by a company’s management/manager)
  • defining employees’ financial liability for their employer’s property

Payroll administration

  • payroll preparation
  • PIT returns preparation and distribution
  • preparation of the current settlements, returns and notifications to the Social Insurance Institution
  • settlements with the National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund as regards financing remuneration of employees with disabilities
  • preparation of employee remuneration files
  • preparation of employment-related statistical reports.

Additional services

  • drafting labour rules
  • drafting remuneration rules
  • preparing working time schedules in compliance with the current laws
  • advisory as regards keeping and using the Social Benefits Fund and Company Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund
  • preparing remuneration-related reports and analyses

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You can easily calculate the value of the service using our tool – HR and payroll services calculator.

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